Warning Signs For An Oil Change

Warning Signs For An Oil Change

Cardinal Kia has built a reputation of providing world-class service, and we are the preferred Kia dealership in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and we serve the surrounding areas. We not only sell used and New Inventory, but we also provide car maintenance to our customers. Today, we will walk you through the warning signs that your vehicle can emit that is a signal for you to schedule an oil change.

Car maintenance and regular oil change

The oil acts as a lubricant for your vehicle's engine; with time, oil becomes contaminated and thick, limiting its functionality. Old oil loses its lubrication properties, and if it's not replaced, it can cause untold damages to your engine. To keep your vehicle running efficiently, you must perform regular oil changes.

Warning signs for an oil change

Many drivers know that oil should be changed but may not know when an oil change is due. If you are confused about the right time to change your oil, look out for the following signs indicating you need to schedule an oil change appointment.

Odd Engine Noises

If you notice any knocking, clapping, or pinging sound from under your hood, it's a sign that the engine oil isn't lubricating the internals properly. Since oil acts as a lubricant for the engine's moving parts, in its absence, metal parts rub against each other, producing unusual sounds. If you notice any strange noises from your engine, schedule an appointment with your mechanic immediately to prevent extensive damage to your engine.

Black Oil

Fresh, clean oil has a honey brown colour, but oil changes to a dark, black colour after several thousand kilometres. You can check the texture and colour of oil using the car's dipstick, a long rod that goes deep into your car's engine oil compartment. Black oil indicates that it needs to be changed and that it's not protecting your components efficiently.

Burning Oil Smell

If you have a leak, an overheating engine, or a low oil level, you could notice a thick, pungent odour emitted from your vehicle. Make sure to take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible for service. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation for when your car's oil should be changed. That way, your car's oil change will always happen right on time, averting potential damage to your engine.

Schedule a Service

Do you still have more questions about an oil change? Please contact Cardinal Kia for more information. If you suspect that your car is due for an oil change, please book an appointment through our service centre. Contact Us today to speak to one of our expert staff for further information about your specific vehicle's needs.

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